Arch exponents of furious folk-punk, Archie Bronson Outfit have always been a grim-faced but aggressively inventive band. Two excellent albums precede ‘Coconut’, on which the trio incorporate dashes of electronica to their druid beats and serrated guitars. Abrasive and oblique, ‘Magnetic Warrior’ sounds like Sleater-Kinney covering Xtrmntr-era Primal Scream at the bottom of a lift shaft, ‘Shark’s Tooth’ has bleak echoes of Joy Division, while ‘Wild Strawberries’ is high velocity, twisted punk. Meanwhile ‘Chunk’ – and I never thought I’d write this of ABO – is something akin to bubblegum pop. While many of the individual elements of ‘Coconut’ are superb, they form an incoherent whole. But despite the varying stylistic angles, and a couple of tracks which almost literally scream ‘filler’, ABO’s unique watermark runs through this record like DNA. Which makes it pretty damn good.

By Chris Watkeys

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