Almost two years after the pulsating gloom of ‘It’s Not Something…’, you could be excused for having forgotten all about Errors’ shimmering shoe gaze and rumbling bass-driven beats. If they did happen to slip off and under your radar though, their second album is more of a polite reintroduction. Sidestepping the electronic menace of their debut, ‘Come Down With Me’ is an album inspired by contrast. Intent on avoiding replication, what it lacks in immediacy, it makes up for with contemplative, slow burning depth. Book ended by the dreamy ‘Bridge or Cloud’ and triumphant ‘Beards’, tracks like ‘Supertribe’ and ‘The Black Tent’ fall the right side of Squarepusher’s dark imagination, but it’s the ambient howl of ‘The Erskine Bridge’ that characterises Errors’ rich ambition best. It’s nice to be reminded.

By Reef Younis

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