It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Scots like their liquor. Born of infinite nights hard drinking in Selkirk outposts, third Frightened Rabbit album, ‘The Winter of Mixed Drinks’, blends neither subtlety nor irony. The jarring guitars of ‘Things’ shift the morning after scales from the eyes, before sweeping into the serene soundscapes of ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’. While lacking some of the raw, tearing urgency of ‘Midnight Organ Fight’, ‘The Winter…’ is still heartbreaking in its intent. By far their most sonically challenging at its beginning, ‘Skip The Youth’’s white noise synths carve out little hollows in your eardrums, while the charging drums and soaring harmonies of ‘Not Miserable’ could fell countless festival fields. Repeating ‘I am’ into the horizon, Frightened Rabbit still demand you acknowledge their existence, or at least lend them a friendly ear.

By Kate Parkin

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