New York boy/girl duo (and if that’s made you roll your eyes already, Wait! We mean New York the State, not that bloody centre of metropolitan cool) Phantogram’s debut album starts out well with girl-vocal dreamscape-ing that sits comfortably alongside Ken Kesey-referencing psych-bricolage. Once the guy starts singing on ‘Turn it Off’ though, we’re reminded of UNCLE’s squarer moments. ‘You are the Ocean’ is as bad as its name and ‘Running from the Cops’ sounds like it was written waiting for the bus on washing powder-derived tranquilizers. As much as it owes Portishead, the record’s snaps of well produced drum sounds and samples make it unnerving and cathartic enough to be enjoyable and ‘Mouthful of Diamonds’ with ‘Bloody Palms’, ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘10,000 Claps’ would’ve made a smashing EP.

By Edgar Smith

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