Beach Fossils sound exactly as their name would suggest. Without being too defamatory, you can’t help but think of yet another U.S band tinged with surf guitars and reverb soaked vocals that never really elude the tag of being ‘fine’. They pretty much live up to this. It feels like an incredibly well trodden genre at the minute and the tiresome feel the record often displays is probably more a reflection of this than the music itself, which at times is a hazy, sun soaked affair with plenty of charm but ultimately not much bite or sting. Subsequently, there just feels like there is very little on this record that hasn’t been demonstrated in a magnitude of records over the last couple of years.  Sadly, this is perhaps more a realisation of the even spread adequacy of some of these bands, rather than the sub-standard quality of Beach Fossils themselves, who are on a par with most.

By Daniel Dylan-Wray

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