Live Review
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Colours’ home demos, early recordings and self-released, hissing ‘Burger Tape’ EP, do their lo-fi, reverberating melodies ample justice, but – especially now, with new, extra guitarist Jorge Stride involved – they fail to shout about the Yankophiles’ real brute force. So until they release their debut 7” later this month (and even after then), you’re best off catching them live to see how they’re not your usual garage dudes pushing dumb ‘ol DIY punk. Colours clearly prefer to spend their stage time experimenting with feedback and static, sonic-seeking as much as thrashing out hoppy bar chords and sub 3-minute songs. They do do that, but their set also feels twice its actual length due to the slower, heavier surf tracks that give the band their epic, psychedelic edge. Vocalist Leon runs his voice through a box that makes him sound like No Ages’ Randy Randall when playing fast, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket on the slowies. His words are even more inaudible than on the band’s Myspace profile, detached and ghost-like, just another brick in their sonic wall of sound. Like with Lovvers, you can’t help but to wish for some more clarity, but, unlike Lovvers, Colours’ musicianship detract from this want, guitars dive-bombing like a Sonic Youth air-raid. Not your usual garage dudes at all.

By Danny Canter


Originally published in issue 14 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. February 2010