Darwin Deez is an odd one. Spawned from the New York anti-folk scene that gave us Regina Spektor and Adam Green, he also carries the kookiness that all anti-folksters seem to have, but his take on it is a little more interesting. Recorded with the bare minimum of production (just a PC and mic in his bedroom), Deez’s self-titled debut takes a few spins to wrap your head around, but is worth the effort of doing so. There are speckles of other bands everywhere, but only in snatches – you can hear Q and Not U, Dylan and Diane Kluck most prominently. Both funky and lo-fi, Deez keeps to the rebellious mantra that anti-folk lives by, never conforming to any genre, even managing to be both Prince and King Crimson on ‘DNA’. One to watch for sure.

By Tom Goodwyn

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