Live Review
Is Tropical
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Either Is Tropical have a lot of friends who’ve been force-fed their latest demos and cajoled into turning up tonight and moving in a convincing fashion as they’re played back at them, or this trio fascinated with projections and anti-stardom are quite simply already more popular than their two limited releases should allow them. Understand, The Lexington is not full with po faces assessing hype tonight (of which there is a fair bit), but with real-life, all-singing (they know all the words, somehow), all-dancing-n-finger-pointing young fans. A similar thing happened before it should have when Arctic Monkeys showed up, but also during that fateful month that The Fratellis came into being. Is Tropical are neither Monkey Brilliant nor Fratellis gash, though. They are a good, fun electronic party band with a couple of neat tricks that make them potentially great. They’re a captivating site – playing with the lights off, in front of a cut-and-paste projection show, highwaymen scarves over their mouths to vaguely hide their identities – but as they swing from Cribs-y guitar tracks to four-to-the-floor indie disco made extra electro due to a parping Korg that often needn’t be there, the real spectacle is the crowd singing along.

By Stuart Stubbs


Originally published in issue 15 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. March 2010