It may be a given that Kanye West’s protégé Kid Sister has all the itinerary required to propel her to worldwide fame, but as Pete Waterman is so keen to officiate, creating the type of all conquering, chart slaying pop music that will keep an artist in the public eye longer than five minutes is a harder task than many assume. It may help to explain why Kid Sister sought the helping hands of dub step producer Rusko, Count & Sinden and XXXChange to construct a bed of electro dance beats and hi-energy euro trance synth noises for her to spit party themed rhymes out over. Uncomplicated and fresh sounding, ‘Ultraviolet’ is a stylish pop record that playfully hop-scotches its way around Fannypack, Princess Superstar and Northern State styled feisty, fun time hip hop.

By Nathan Westley

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