Norwich local Mat Riviere is the macabre man’s electro star. He doesn’t defiantly sing about “being bullet proof” or “taking you out tonight”, partly because he doesn’t sing at all (Riviere chooses to monotonically drone a robotic, baritone grumble). He makes spidery funeral marches around minimal bossanova beats and sparse strings (‘Slugs and the Dust’), drunken shanty melodies (‘Godless Girl’) and bone-snapping hip-hop clacks (‘F.Y.H’, which has you welcoming this doomy messenger with arms as wide as they go). And while ‘Follow Your Heart’ is certainly not without its faults – occasional blips like ‘Castroreale’, with its regimented, left/right organ sample, feel like monotonous after-thoughts – it’s largely a leftfield reminder that electronic pop can be dark, theatrical and far more imaginative than boy dances with girl.

By Stuart Stubbs

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