Like all great cosmic kraut jammers, Wooden Shjips know one never-ending, groovy bassline and only a few more floating organ and guitar parts that seem to buzz about overhead in psychedelic sunlight. As ‘Vol. 2’ – a collection of seven hard-to-come-by tracks – proves with great hypnotic ease, this brand of enveloping trance cool is about acquiescing and riding the smooth, lolloping sounds to wherever they may be heading, which in Wooden Shjips’ case seems to be the Arizona desert for a powwow with the Velvet Underground and a mega stoned Doors. For any other band playing any other rock’n’roll, the muddy vocals would be aggravatingly low in the mix; the stretching track lengths and repetitive, prog outros plainly self-indulgent. ‘Vol. 2’ swerves such gripes as it drags you towards the horizon, completely entranced by its dark majesty.

By Stuart Stubbs

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