Live Review
No Address1
Dalston, London

Free gigs are our wallets’ best friend and our deodorants’ nemesis – it’s hard to have ‘the Lynx effect’ when your shoulders are forced up and forward by the high, protruding shoulders of others and you’re sweating blood because your body outed all other moisture five minutes after arriving. I’m only slightly exaggerating in reference to Dalston boozer (it’s not a pub – it’s a booozer!) The Stag’s Head, at least when the live bill features Egyptian Hip Hop and the unreasonably tipped Yuck. We already know of EHH’s melodious brilliance, but what about Yuck – a band made up of ex-Cajun Dance Party frontman Danny and bassist Max. Well, the rumours go that they’re a youthful Dinosaur Jnr, Sonic Youth and Weezer hybrid, which, y’know, sounds amazing. Unfortunately, they’re not. Not tonight anyway. Crammed onto a tea tray sized stage, their guitar pop begins in the most indie-ist of ways, lead guitar noodles (a ’90s word for a ’90s noise) sounding like Ash. It gets marginally more interesting as sprightly Britpop is bumped for slower, darker drones of the shoegaze greats being banded about with Yuck, and backing vocalist Ilana’s twee coos do add a poignancy that prevent this four piece from being completely vanilla. From where I’m standing though, Yuck are nothing more than a solid indie group.

By Sam Little


Originally published in issue 14 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. February 2010