It’s taken Pesaro trio Damien three years to get their Italian butts over here, but they’ve made it in one piece and with an entire record in tow. ‘Crippled Cute’ is their second album and it’s piled high with toe-spazzing riffs and hip-jutting beats. Touches of Brett Anderson echo in Enrico’s vocals with the obstreperous attitude of Jarvis Cocker. Meanwhile, all the instruments band together in a speedy, hyperactive but compact stint akin to that of The Walkmen. The drums are fast and high-hat heavy, concocting a bit of disco-punk like Middlesborough trio Dartz, as the guitar almost grates repetitively but cuts out before becoming irritating. In the words of the Small Faces, it’s a concise “wham, bam, thank you Ma’am,” no-nonsense half an hour of straight up good vibes that leave you wanting to waste another 30 minutes of your life on this record.

By D K Goldstein

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