ECSR’s ingeniously named front-bloke Brendan Suppression wears little black gym mitts when his band play live. It’s something to do with getting nervous. He needn’t worry though as the Melbourne, Australia pressing plant workers’ third full-length sonic adventure sounds as confident as they come. Like 2008’s ‘Primary Colours’,  ‘Rush To Relax’ is the sound of four ill-fitting parts arrogantly, impatiently and brilliantly log-jammed together. At a very slim 59 seconds, ‘Walked Into A Corner’ nut-shells all that’s good about their lo-fi scuzz-rock mission. But here they have developed. Clocking in at 7 minutes, ‘Turning Out’ is almost as long as their debut album, while ‘Second Guessing’ showcases their new slow-to-build dynamic, Brendan muttering to himself like Graham Coxon’s invisible demons. Despite the evolution it remains deliberately snotty, gloriously off-key and intentionally spat out. Chances are, they’re already onto the next one.

By Omarrr

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