Unlike the name suggests, Leeds dance act Grum are pure cheese. Citing Spandau Ballet and Human League, they plunder their 80s influences without any hint of irony. ‘Can’t Shake The Feeling’ blends all the worst bits of the 80s in one horrific legwarmer clad cocktail, like Eric Prydz’s ‘Call on Me’ on a comedown. The hooks are undeniably catchy, and tracks like ‘Runaway’ are likely to be a hit on the sticky Saturday night dancefloors. Covering David Bowies ‘Fashion’ with jerky synths, they claw back some semblance of credibility but unashamedly taking off Daft Punk’s dance cyborg sound and Pet Shop Boys bouncing synths, ‘Turn It Up’ is ‘West End Girls’ bathed in saccharine. Utterly lacking in originality they pilfer from others what they fail to create themselves, this is an album in need of a serious reality check.

By Kate Parkin

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