If ‘No Mas’ was a tie, it’d be patterned like a piano. It might even play a tune. Jive Bunny, perhaps. What I’m saying is that Javelin’s debut album is wantingly zany, openly wacky. It’s The Go! Team on popping candy… at Disneyland. For all of its playful-to-aggravating antics though, there is merit pinging about in this electronic toy box, making it hard to tell if ‘No Mas’ is good, vibrant fun or…well…a piano tie annoyance, desperate to be loved. ‘On It On It’ achieves the former feeling, courtesy of Metronomy pips and sullen vocals, while the flutes and skitty drums of ‘We Ah Wi’ is Big Chill easy listening, apathy-inducing enough to have you calling for the return of ‘Oh! Centra’’s chipmunk raps and Sonic The Hedgehog keys. And suddenly ‘No Mas’ doesn’t seem wacky at all – it’s a perfectly okay pitch at The Avalanches. It’s a blue tie.

By Stuart Stubbs

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