Live Review
Joy Orbison
No Address1

Photography by Edward Bishop

From breaching the mainstream broadsheet media (who are all too fond of playing safe, especially when it comes to club culture) to upsetting a handful of Americans over his choice of moniker, there is little denying that it has been a meretricious rise for Joy Orbison since he first unleashed debut single ‘Hyph Mngo’ on a largely unsuspecting public in Autumn last year. Having been typecast as a mere dubstep artist and producer, tonight in a heaving nightclub he proves he is anything but the lead figure in a scene that has now become the choice soundtrack for wannabe-hip middle class dinner parties – to label him as so would be a disservice; Joy Orbison deserves to be known for far more than that. One minute skittering beats are being slowly introduced to slow ethereal ambience, only for a heavy, reverberating, spleen-splitting low end bass line to come riding over the top and carry it all off into another direction. During the course of the set a cross selection of two-step, techno and a whole heap of other subgenres are touched upon, forced into a hard-hitting concoction and then fired out of the speakers at a bone shuddering level. For once the praise is justified.

By Nathan Westley


Originally published in issue 16 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. April 2010