From the shit-hot Thrill Jockey label (Double Dagger, Pit Er Pat) comes this Kinder Surprise egg of a pop album. While there are echoes of ‘chillwave’s ethereal sound characteristics on ‘MCMLXXX’, the Illinois trio’s debut album is so much more than another blog fetish. It has the kraut-y cheek of Holy Fuck, the inevitable Kraftwerk references (‘Translation? We R Afraid 4 U’) the gloomy vocals and synth stabs of ‘Closer’-era Joy Division and what sounds like a rubbish bin standing in as a tom (‘Lame Duck’). To say there is a lot to take in would be an understatement – sometimes it sounds like three robots playing Tetris over a drum machine bought at a vintage flea market – but so would be saying that there was quite a lot of fun to be had with this record.

By Matthias Scherer

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