First up readers, an important safety tip: don’t hit ‘play’ on the new Mi Ami record while simultaneously taking a sip from a hot beverage. The mug will leap out of your hand, and you’ll likely spray tea all over the hi-fi; such is the startling effect of opener ‘Harmonics (Genius of Love)’. It’s an all-out aural assault from the very first second, a gloriously menacing bassline underneath a vicious sonic maelstrom, with screeched vocals that sound like a maniac having an argument with himself. ‘Steal Your Face’ is utterly raw music, with even rawer production. It’s punky (in attitude as opposed to style), unhinged, incredibly noisy, yet curiously melodic, and infectious. Inappropriately-named album closer ‘Slow’ sounds like a protracted, inescapable, semi-conscious nightmare; cool if you like that sort of thing. Six tracks and thirty-five minutes long, this record doesn’t hang about: it just gets in, kicks you in the face and gets out again, leaving you dazed but happy for the discovery.

By Sam Walton

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