With a hometown advantage, Yellow Fever’s SXSW victories were calm and comfortable, perhaps completely stealth-like. Their easiest comparison is to the clean clatter punk of The Raincoats or the nearly twee garage of Vivian Girls who are releasing this debut – even if Yellow Fever are far more louche than the former and anti-fuzz where Vivian Girls most certainly aren’t. What ‘Yellow Fever’ neatly demonstrates though is the mellow growth of such a lackadaisical group by showing in chronological order past singles and stabs at mastering the kind of ghostly surf riffs that can be played with a guitar on your lap. The opening ‘Rat Catcher’, for example, has one biscuit-tin drumbeat and almost as many guitar notes, while ‘Joe Brown’ is vastly more sophisticated, wave-catching pop. A proud documentation of lazy DIY.

By Sam Little

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