Originally released in 1985, this LP by Swiss post-punk trio Chin Chin should be filed in your record collection somewhere between Blondie and Vivian Girls. The timing for this reissue is apt, what with the current surge of girl groups boasting Shangri-La’s harmonies, filthy pop guitar hooks and sweet/sour punk ballads. ‘Room Of Sadness’ could easily be a missing track from ‘Everything Goes Wrong’, with its melancholy melody and part-listless/part-pleading vocals, while ‘My Guy’’s sweet harmonies and addictively danceable punk beat has Dum Dum Girls written all over it. Like their current successors, Chin Chin’s songs walk the gauntlet of loneliness, rejection and love – even domestic violence – the harsh words wrapped in hazy three-part harmonies and petrol-drenched guitar. Essentially, this is the glue that will hold your vinyl collection together.

By Polly Rappaport

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