If you have a pile of records marked ‘not to be listened to with the lights off’ (and you should have), ‘In Evening Air’ belongs there, on top of Xiu Xiu and Former Ghosts. This Baltimore trio are less overtly gothic, operatic and self-harming than either of those gloomy New York outfits, and yet just as brilliantly harrowing in their waves of post punk synths and Samuel T Herring’s bi-polar vocal delivery, which flits from insular murmurs to himself (‘In Evening Air’) to gravely, deathly shrieks of worrying despair (‘Tin Man’). So caught up in his thoughts on ‘Long Flight’, Herring seems to play his part without listening to the rest of the band who forever build blocks of Casio static, creeking organ chimes and Joy Division bass parts around him. He’s almost too engrossed in ‘In Evening Air’ to care what else is going on and we know the feeling.

By Danny Canter

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