All the best children’s films and fairytales have a serious undercurrent of weirdness to them (just consider Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, anything non-Disney basically) and Ganglians are a band that should be scoring them. Gloriously twisted, the Sacramento quartet have clearly spent many happy hours thumbing through the back catalogues of both the Beach Boys and LSD era Beatles. It doesn’t sound tired though – especially lead off single ‘Candy Girl’, which is at once ethereal and alarming. Although a little psychedelically cartoonish in patches, ‘Monster Head Room’ manages to keep its song lengths reined in too, only once passing six minutes and mostly creating lovely, lush, orchestral pop. It’s like all great fairy tales: cute and hopeful, but with a bruising undercurrent of darkness. It’s not far from being completely brilliant.

By Tom Goodwyn

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