To make an album inspired by 10cc’s ‘I’m not in love’ is a brave move, but to do it enlisting the talent of over 25 musicians from across the States is cheese-for-dinner-demented. Producer Ryan Olson roped in Solid Gold members Adam Hurlburt and Zack Coulter to do just that and the results are a flawed but fantastic record, brimming with studio invention. Guests range from Andrew Bird’s jazz saxophonist Michael Lewis to Bon Iver ripping out his familiar falsetto and, even better, some Bone Thugs’n’Harmony style R&B. If Gayngs are a musical super family then they’re the Burbs, but this lot would blubber Tom Hanks with their bass guitars. In ten years time ‘Relayted’ will be consigned to the cellar of dismay or it’ll be the only album worth listening to and for that reason alone we like it.

By Ian Roebuck

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