‘Hippies’ is a record of two halves. The first half is like a row of eight gleaming silver hooks, brandished by a trio of grinning Texan hipsters eager to jam them into your frontal lobes. It’s jangly, three and four-chord stuff, each hit no longer than a couple of minutes, with nursery rhyme lyrics and pre-school melodies, lo-fi production and a distinctly sixties vibe. Some tracks jangle past without making much of an impression, some grab you by the hand and take you skipping merrily down the highway before vanishing as quickly as they arrived. Some are fuzzy, calamitous, joyous rackets that wedge themselves in your brain and don’t let go. The second half is largely just… dull, perhaps with the exception of ‘Faces’, which jitterbugs quite nicely. Hack away at this filler and you’d have a rough gem of an album – but it’d only be twenty minutes long.

By Chris Watkeys

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