Live Review
Ice, Sea, Dead People
No Address1

The three members of Ice, Sea, Dead People may look like every other post-hardcore-adoring noise merchants when they first step onto the stage but several seconds later when the first notes of ‘Hence Elvis’ start to ring out at an ear splintering level it becomes instantly apparent to all that they are not mere pretenders. They’re an ear-shattering force intent on pummelling out a cacophony so powerful and twisted that it would give many secondary school music teachers brain haemorrhages. To ISDP the idea of melody has always been an alien thought and tonight their minds are intent on funnelling out a short, sharp, aggressive set that is a full speed collision of impeccably timed drumming, noisy discordant guitar pangs and driven, brutally sounding bass riffs – the key ingredients for songs that fiercely grab you by the throat, hold on for a couple of minutes and then let you go for ten seconds to allow you to get your breath back, only to once again grab hold and repeat the process over and over until the climax of the set. Noise is not always a bad thing.

By Nathan Westley


Originally published in issue 16 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. April 2010