Remember the wild, brash, glam rocket ride Jaguar Love took us on with ‘Take Me to the Sea’? Forget it. The snake-hipped spirit of T-Rex might have run a little rampant on their debut but any of the hardcore turbulence and pissy petulance has been diminished by a sickly, overriding glaze of bubblegum pop, cheap, synthetic electro and the teen-lite lyrics you might have scrawled on someone else’s Year 11 leaving book. Johnny Witney’s androgynous vocal was the banshee call for something belligerent, if wholly combustible, once upon a time, but on ‘Hologram Jams’, it flits between white boy skit and whiny primetime talent show hopeful. The new electro direction is a laudable one – especially considering Whitney and Votolato’s hardcore past – but for all the style, it’s sadly all surface and no feeling. Something you could never have accused the duo of before.

By Reef Younis

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