The devil’s a bad egg right? Wrong. Or at least that’s what French duo John & Jehn claim with second album ‘Time For The Devil’, which shows the Prince of Darkness to be simply misunderstood. This bringing together of dark and light goes hand in hand with the band’s sound, as the gloomy, nu-grave bass is coupled with pop-driven melodies. Bass riffs and background chanting makes songs like the title track sound straight off The Lost Boys soundtrack, while the contrasting vocals of John and Jehn – he sounding like Phil Oakey, she a Josephine Olausson double – is reminiscent of 90s noir pop pioneers Shakespeare’s Sister (seriously!) particularly in the brooding ‘Oh My Love’. At times more camp than vamp (e.g. ‘London Town’) it proves Beelzebub isn’t totally rotten.

By Philippa Burt

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