How many times do you reckon you’ve heard the lyric “You make me feel so real” repeated mindlessly over a generic dance backdrop? Hundreds? Thousands, maybe? Well, on ‘Feel So Real’, here it is again one more time, in case you’re a fan. It comes courtesy of Chris Mercer, aka Rusko, producer of M.I.A., remixer of Little Boots and The Prodigy, and collaborator with the likes of Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman. ‘Hold On’, featuring Coffman, is a lone high point: anthemic, hypnotic and uplifting all at the same time. ‘Dial My Number’ meanwhile is reminiscent of big nineties chart tuneage, pleasant and unchallenging, and feeling rather like it should be accompanied by an underwhelming laser light display in a provincial disco. Most of the rest of ‘O.M.G!’, however, is uninspiring, unengaging, identikit dance bilge.

By Chris Watkeys

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