Coming on like a Scottish answer to Hot Chip, Silver Columns’ have mined pretty much every genre of popular dance music over the last twenty years, added a spot of bedroom indie melancholy to the mix and called it new. So it is that ‘Columns’ throbs and bubbles with the sound of mid-90s minimal techno, ‘Brow Beaten’ recalls the high-camp sleekness of electroclash and ‘Warm Welcome’ has shades of two-step. The stroke of genius comes in the form of every track being topped, often wonderfully incongruously, with low-profile vocal mutterings – a trick that adds warmth and genuine confessional soul. Indeed, ‘Heart Murmurs’ is a gorgeous little love song, not a dance record at all, regardless of how many arpeggiators are oscillating at its close. Understated, witty and curiously infectious, ‘Yes, and Dance’ is charming stuff indeed.

By Sam Walton

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