Back when the UK’s music press was awash with high praise for angular guitar bands, the idea that The Futureheads, a band largely known for their reinterpretation of a Kate Bush song, would reach album number four would have had many in hysterics. Compounded as being a one trick pony that is happy to manoeuvre its way over the same obstacles time and time again, The Futureheads were never ones seen for reinvention and not surprisingly ‘The Chaos’ does not see an ushering in of a new period in the band’s life. Instead it’s a continuation in their ever reliable tradition of bashing out three-minute long, driven slabs of ear friendly, unchallenging, rigid guitar pop that has the capability to sound familiar yet identifiably new at the same time. The Futureheads continue to have the last laugh at those who ever doubted them.

By Nathan Westley

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