Banjo or Freakout (aka ‘drugged out rodent’ to Alessio Natalizia’s label staff) contributed ‘Mr. No’ to that ace No Pain in Pop compilation a while back. But if that seemed a bit frivolous, a bit (wince) ‘chill wave’, Walls – Natalizia’s new, duel-piloted project with Sam ‘Allez Allez’ Willis – hit spots that lie a little deeper. Instrumental, bar some hints of vocal slurring, their debut is an admirably controlled series of highs and lows that betrays affection for laptop beats and effects pedals. It shares in the juddering bass and kaleidoscopic electronica of Panda Bear and Boards of Canada, and feels like London’s answer to the clued-up, blog-orientated alterno-disco being made on the other side of the Atlantic. And yet it can’t help but come across a little half finished, a little demo-y. There’s potentially brilliant starting points from the opening, optimistic ‘Burnt Sienna’ onwards, but underdeveloped it lacks tunes and looks skinny next to Washed Out or Memory Tapes.

By Edgar Smith

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