Ariel ‘Pink’ Rosenberg is back, again, with his twelfth studio album and he’s brought the ghoulish group of Haunted Graffiti with him. Sticking to his freak-folk roots, this Angeleno has recorded and produced (with a little help from Sunny Levine) himself an indie-folk album slathered in retro quirks and funky bass lines. With the amount of synthesized organ there is here it’s like a medley of adverts from the seventies. When the ethereal mixed harmonies of ‘Round and Round’ kick in they could be promoting a new detergent before cutting to the seedy cop show on next, which ‘Beverly Kills’ provides the intro for as sirens blare over a ‘Thriller’-tinted brassy synth and character voiceovers overlap each other. ‘Butt-House Blondies’ provides the glam-rock with swirling guitars and the fuzz whacked up, while ‘Menopause Man’ slows right down, takes a simple walking bass line and Pink’s melancholy vocals growl over the top. It’s a real pic’n’mix that gets the tongue frothing to try all the flavours of ‘Before Today’.

By D. K. Goldstein

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