Michigan/Brooklyn three-piece Awesome Color mine a squally, American garage-psych sound, making like Dinosaur Jr Juniors on a cosmic (school) trip. They do, however, also have some major consistency issues on this, their third album. The ace card is ‘Vision’, a heart-pumping, three minute blur that leaps out of the speakers, all energetic riffola, nimble bass and indecipherable hollering. Suddenly it’s 1969 and you’re freaking out – in a good way. Quality control slips however with ‘Zombie’, which sounds like a mid-tempo Kings Of Leon with a broken microphone, and on ‘IOU’, which repeats a pedestrian riff for 393 seconds you won’t get back. There’s a groove of sorts here but it’s largely too restrained to rock out to, and desperately lacking in voodoo magic. While it’s refreshing to hear genuinely unforced, organic music-making, here it’s also a frustrating affair.

By Gordon Anderson

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