Hard though it may be to believe that summer will ever put in an appearance, it probably will, and seeing as every summer requires a soundtrack nowadays, this trancey burst of Spanish sunshine might just fit the bill. From the start of the record (hopelessly blissed out track ‘Stay Close’) it’s apparent from the effortless blend of ethereal vocals and subtle, building beats that Delorean bounced into this day-glo world leaning more towards the remix side of dance music. The sound is ravey and euphoric, drawing exhilaration from both house music and guitar-based pop – indie-filtered techno, if you will, with an inexhaustible supply of musical momentum feeding into each track. This is blissful stuff; energised yet laid back, danceable and dozeable. If summer doesn’t hit England, let’s all move to Spain.

By Polly Rappaport

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