What the (wo)man on the street makes of our first compilation LP


What the (wo)man on the street makes of our first compilation LP

As proud as we are of our first LP release (the commemorative ‘I AM V…’ compilation that celebrates half a decade of Loud And Quiet), to review it ourselves just wouldn’t be on. Nevertheless, we’re going to anyway, but in the interest of fairness we’ve gotten a second opinion from someone equally as trustworthy as ourselves – my mother, Tina Covington: a 55-year-old connoisseur of The Beatles, George Michael, Wet Wet Wet (all mums like Wet Wet Wet, aye?) and, most recently, Michael Bublé.

There are ten exclusive-to-rare tracks that make up our limited 12” (out June 1st), all from bands we’ve enjoyed interviewing the most over the years, and while we were sure they were, it turns out that they’re not for everyone.

A1. Do The Right Thing –  Metronomy
We say: Previously released on the ‘Made For Love’ EP, this is less an off-cut from the brilliant ‘Nights Out’ LP, and more a perfectly forlorn stop-gap between Metronomy albums.
Tina says: “Not bad, nice intro, I like this one. Out of 10, I’ll give this 4. You could play it in the background but I wouldn’t listen to it. If you were having your dinner it’d be quite soothing.”

A2. Heat – Telepathe
If you’ve got ‘Heat’ already you’re one of a handful of people, and probably American. It’s only been released in the US on a super limited Fader 7” before now. Really, its raggaeton thrust should have had it on the band’s debut album.
Tina says: “No, don’t like this one. I don’t think she’s got a very nice voice. Too tinny.”

A3. Pill Program – Teeth!!!
Demonic, danceable and featuring a metallic, grinding synth that sounds like HEALTH doing J-pop techno. Obviously great and previously unreleased.   
Tina says: “It’s like Lady Ga Ga – I could imagine her singing this. I do quite like it in a quirky sort of way. I wouldn’t like an album full of it but it’s alright as one song. I’d give it a 5.”

A4. Warrior – The Bitters
Dredge the mire of current garage bands for eternity and you’ll still not find a song this melodic or cleverly cryptic.
Tina says: “I’d give this one 5 as well. It’s got a bit of a melody and hopefully her voice will get better over time. It’s got potential.”

A5. Lie Lie Lie – Comanechi
If you’re wishing that Yeah Yeah Yeah’s still made songs like ‘Art Star’ you’re not alone, but this could have been straight off of that band’s debut EP. Until now it’s lived on the Japanese version of Comanechi’s ‘Crime of Love’ LP.
Tina says: “Horrible discord. Hurts your ears. Zero!”

B1. In Violet (Hidden Cat Remix)- HEALTH
An epic way to start side B, and exclusive to this release. It bobs toward the 7-minute mark morphing from kraut rock into 90s euphoria like only a HEALTH remix can.
Tina says: “If this was a CD I’d fast forward it because I think the silence at the beginning is rubbish. I’d think the record player had broken. I’d give it zero.”

B2. Peaky Caps – Gold Panda
Gold Panda’s first ambient dubstep album is sure to be a highlight of the year. This crackling, downtempo instrumental won’t be on it though. It’s only here. 
Tina says: “I quite like this. It sounds like something frying in a pan. It’s interesting… maybe not. It’s boring now. Does it do anything else? No. No good. Zero.”

B3. Today The Truth – Chapter Sweetheart
Beautifully aggressive, ‘Today The Truth’ proves that a jazz approach to hardcore might be the last original sound in alternative music.
Tina says: “Oh my god, no! I don’t like this at all. I don’t mind the music but I don’t like the singing.”

B4. Strangling Good Guys – Trailer Trash Tracys
A song we’ve never obsessed over more, ‘Strangling Good Guys’’s Twin Peaks bass and skyward vocals are too enchanting to not be on here.
Tina says: “I like this one. I think I would give it 7/10. It’s sort of flows along. It reminds me a bit of John Lennon, but I don’t know why.”

B5. Nineteen [Lost Version]- Christmas Island
If anything embodies the spirit of a magazine first made on a home printer, it’s this naive, rattling home demo of a song about being the big one nine.
Tina says: “I like this one. This beats the one before so it gets an 8. It’s simple and it’s got a little hook that would get stuck in your head.”


‘I AM V: 5 years of Loud And Quiet magazine’ is strictly limited to 500 copies and out now! It’s available from


Originally published in issue 17 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. May 2010

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