Not so long ago the utterance of the word ‘folk’ was enough to secure a record’s fate. Easily discarded as grown up music loved by people who drank traditional ales, were slightly tubby around the mid-rift and possessed several handfuls worth of aging face fungus, times have changed. Its good exponents – the records that are worth investigation such as this – are now given the opportunity to break through and be discovered by a wider audience. This isn’t your everyday folk album, though, but rather creeps out with the influence of the Sixties American folk revival reverberating through every pore of its being. While some artists feel the need to cover every audio frequency with sound, Mountain Man have factored together an album that frowns on this tendency and instead hoover away any excesses, leaving behind an album that is barren in design and relies purely on minimal guitar and vocals and leaves enough space that silence almost serves as another instrument. Quaking with the distilled spirit of the muddy blue water of the, Mississippi this is a debut that Mountain Man can be rightfully proud of.

By Nathan Westley

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