Live Review
The Montague Arms
New Cross, London

Down in the bowels of New Cross, where no art students tread, lays a dark and beguiling pub full of taxidermic animals, skeletons and what looks like the contents of a shipwreck – a Lynchian paradise perfect for Pipes’ eerie Cramps-esque undertones. On stage they’re like a bunch of misfits – the tall, bulky singer (Luke) to the guitarist Tom, who can’t keep still, and their bespectacled drummer (Chris) at the back eating a banana. But it’s the right kind of awkward to suit their gawky guitars, especially in ‘Juried Art Show’ where the riffs fight against the bass, vying for centre stage. ‘How I Killed Your Mother’ is then full of rim-taps and a sporadic beat that Luke groans and deadpan-chatters over, while ‘David Icke’s Childhood Kite’ spins a tale of regression and lunacy. It’s not music to show your mother, it’s the dirty little secret you hide up in your room.

By D. K. Goldstein


Originally published in issue 17 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. May 2010