People seem to be using the words ‘chill wave’ a lot at the moment (just take a look at our Memoryhouse interview on page 17) and if I didn’t find the term so utterly repugnant I may well call this album that. Instead of using a term that conjures up images of Ibiza chill out albums with tracks from Groove Armada on, I’ll accept this album for what it is – a harmonious, hazy and delicate record that deals equally in oddities as it does in beauty. The album is sparse and elusive, yet it’s filled with layers of synthesised textures and samples, which, amalgamated with the piercing yet subtle beats that drive the album, results in a reserved yet rewarding experience. It’s a bewildering juxtaposition – for an album that sounds like most of it is played in reverse, it’s frighteningly progressive.

By Reef Younis

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