After an endless run of 7” releases, Bethany Cosentino, aka Best Coast, has produced an album that will find its way onto many a Spotify playlist soundtracking drunken BBQs. Her early singles merely hinted at her talent for penning fuzzy, snappy love songs and often hid amateurish playing behind noisy production.

‘Crazy For You’ rectifies this by offering a generous use of Doo-Wop backing vocals (The Ronettes are a favourite of Bethany’s) and a sound that allows the vocals to lead the songs rather than the other way round. Highlights are the 60s pop of ‘I Want You’ and the more punky ‘Happy’ and the album’s length (29 minutes) ensures it doesn’t outstay its welcome, which, considering the limited variety of the material, could have been a real risk. Lyrically, things mainly revolve around smoking weed and boys (mean boys, nice boys, boyfriends, friends who are boys etc.), but that just makes it easier to sing along to when you’re drunk on summer and Fosters.

By Matthias Scherer

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