This record starts like a pissed surgeon in a ‘Wake up to Rape’ T-shirt carefully showing you his tools. Disconcerting to say the least, ‘50-50’ demonstrates, in a scattershot way, a taste of the kraut-disco grooves and psychedelic Gameboy flourishes that are to come.

Not to be sniffed at, Drum Eyes have supported Omar Souleyman, shared a couple of stages with Damo Suzuki, and are essentially a supergroup comprising of ex-Boredoms drummer E-da, DJ Scotch Egg and a network of collaborating musicians that draw the dots between Brighton’s acid-folk, experimental and electronic scenes. The elements at play here might be spun with less entropic elegance than their musical forebears (‘Future Police’ certainly feels like a step-too-far into minor-key Nintendo boss music), but once the record hits ten-minute standout ‘Future Yakuza’ it’s all plain (if fucked-up) sailing: think freak-outs reminiscent of the new Flying Lotus album (dub dial turned down) and textures that patiently shift from digital crunches into doom-laden trip rock.

By Edgar Smith

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