Where the previous two albums from this collaborative project were about revenge and forbidden love, ‘Hawk’ takes on a note of regret. ‘We Die and See Beauty Reign’ is the slow, difficult opener that’ll have you reaching for the razor blades if you don’t hold out for the hootenanny of the title track, which livens things up with a cacophony of blaring saxophones and a guitar solo winding enough to rival the roads that snake along Arizona mountains. ‘Come Undone’ is the one to floor you, as the beautiful strings paired with the abrupt guitar mirror Lanegan’s gruff voice grating evocatively against Campbell’s soothing whisper. There’s also a hint of the Sixties with a riff on on ‘Get Behind Me’ that screams The Animals, especially placed with the organ, but the closer ‘Lately’ echoes Lou Reed, which the gospel harmonies and Lanegan’s gravely vocals mimic. It’s a record that sells itself as a blues-heavy, country folk number, but is rich in retro pop tidings.

By D. K. Goldstein

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