Yes, this record has Jack White written all over it. He participated as both producer and drummer, recruiting well-known musical friends and family to back the stunning vocals of his equally stunning wife. White’s scuzzy, twisted sense of Blues saturates the album, but Elson’s Weimar cabaret leanings and dark, murderous lyrics make a firm, distinctive imprint on his familiar style. By far the strongest is the title track, Elson’s sultry, velvet intonations stalking through eerie organ strains and spine-tingling keys as she unfolds a haunting tale of death in the moonlight. It’s unlikely the album would have seen the light of day if this model-turned-songstress were not married to a rock star, but she has a delicious voice, she can tell a story and if you cast cynicism aside, you will get goose bumps.

By Karen Elson

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