Sometimes the planets and pitch-shift just seem to align and we’re blessed with an unendingly brilliant swathe of electronic artists, producers and DJ’s staggering and sauntering from the shadows of tinkering in dank club basements and the confines of bedroom walls. And in light of some true brilliance this year, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos are no different.

Effortlessly ambient, and consistently engaging, ‘Crooks and Lovers’ is an album of gentle, pulsing iridescence dovetailed by flickering rhythms and a respect for making the most of simple sound.

Tracks like the delicate, raindrop drip of ‘Before I Move Off’, the understated, wasp-ish dubstep of ‘Blind Night Errand’ or the gorgeous, broken vocal simplicity of ‘Carbonated’ should make this another staple for obligatory end of year lists. That they’ve already been christened the latest proponents of a raft of ever-ridiculous sub genres – chillwave, glo-fi, or for the Pitchfork aficionados, hypnagogic pop – whatever it’s called, it’s a brilliance of which we’re fast becoming accustomed.

By Reef Younis

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