Like The Dum Dum Girls minus the S&M stockings and lace, Procedure Club’s dreamy surf rock is perfect lazy summer listening. ‘Vermont’ shines Shangri-Las style girl pop through a Spector-tinged filter, piling on the feedback like a badly tuned radio with voices dripping in saccharine, making Belle and Sebastian look like Cradle Of Filth. ‘Feel Sorry For Me’ pinches the melody from The Stone Roses’ ‘Hardest Thing In The World’ while ‘Slut Fossil’ is far guttsier, cheekily flicking the bird behind your back while making a pass at your sister. ‘Nautical Song’ then loves noise so much it could easily pass for new HEALTH material. With so many bands shuffling onto the shoegaze bandwagon Procedure Club may be doomed to a life in the background, but like true wallflowers, they’re probably too sweet to really mind.

By Kate Parkin

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