Pulled Apart By Horses manage to pull off a difficult task with their debut album, and subsequently a unique result with their music. They make audaciously heavy rock but it’s laced with an underlying, almost pop sensibility that makes it strangely accessible. This is also done without losing any of its bite – and bite it does. PABH play like a rabid dog, all teeth, snarling and seething, foaming at the mouth with a raging and relentless anger ending with a vicious and deadly gnaw to the face. It’s a multifaceted but ferocious debut, with a refreshing sense of humour thrown in – “Awesome! Radical! Awesome! Totally Bodacious!” goes ‘Meat Balloon’, from a band that place having fun pretty high up on their priority list. The album spews on you rather than speaks to you, and as a result it’s a damn close achievement to capturing the brutality of their live shows.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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