‘Church With No Magic’ oozes tone and seeps ethereal textures like a leaking roof. In parts there are pure, undeniable nods to Suicide – even down to Alan Vega’s wobbly and fragmented vocals that seem almost equally haunting as they do textural. The synth’s are thick and pulsate like a pneumatic drill reaching for the earth’s core. So it’s a dense a record – so dense that it feels like it has a thick mist running through it, so successfully executed that there is a sense of atmosphere created that can almost make you feel the wet, the foggy air clinging to your face as you trek and plunge into its dark depths. The synthesisers are part John Carpenter/part Martin Rev and certainly ‘Low’-era Eno, and the production is glistening but never overshadows the strength and core of those bulky, omnipresent synths. Ever wondered what would be on the jukebox in dystopia?

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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