After the otherworldly brilliance of ‘Alpinisms’, we couldn’t help but expect similarly outlandish genius again. From the clinical purity of Air to M83’s sighing, heaving dynamic, ‘Disconnect From Desire’ is both approachable and acceptable in its mainstream sheen. Alejandra Deheza’s feather-light vocal caress gives the album a wide-eyed grace as rich, engulfing melodies soon wrap you like a comforting, paternal hug. While ‘Heart is Strange’ positively smoulders with power and beauty, ‘ILU’’s breathy uplift captures the moment the sun bursts through the clouds, casting a shimmering gaze over postcard picturesque backdrops you’ve seen a hundred times before but still succeed in taking your breath away. From start to finish, the album refuses to settle, morphing, easing and evolving from ethereal opener ‘Babelonia’ to the tickled synth of ‘Camarilla’, and behind the wandering melodies lays the insistent, electric storm backdrop reminiscent of Ben Curtis’ Secret Machines days. Much more than just a follow up to a fine debut, ‘Disconnect…’ is an album of the most wonderful contrasts.

By Reef Younis

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