If we learnt anything from Sky Larkin’s debut, it was that they aren’t a trio who deal in the extravagant. Sure, they’ve got the wholesome, take-home charm down to a tee with Katie Harkin’s vocals pushing Kate Nash-esque whimsy but, now two albums in, not much has shifted to change that perception.

‘Spooktacular’ briefly rollicks the album with a possessed grunge spirit and slamming percussion, ‘Guitar and Antarctica’s down-temp growling guitar chug lends a languid, desert session spirit and ‘Coffee Drinker’ is an almost isolated moment where the trio are unleashed to wail and pound to their hearts’ content. It’s hardly the twee, identikit indie they’ve been accused of in the past but ‘Kaleide’ is still nothing more than a perfectly acceptable, amiable way to spend an easy 40 minutes. For a band capable of more than the occasional flash of ambition, it still feels like you’re restricted to the sparklers at a firework spectacular.

By Reef Younis

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