Though this album starts out by sounding like a reinterpretation of an old seventies public information film that was once made by aging weekend hippies, it is not a theme that readily continues as the track counter climbs upwards. The Books seasoned hands have weaved together an album that has much in common with a Sudoku puzzle that at first appears simple, yet somehow becomes more and more complex with every glance. They, like cultural bedfellows DJ Shadow and The Avalanches, have a tendency to rapidly knit several genres together, intertwining skittering funk samples across trip-hop beats and jazz breaks before applying atmospheric noise and cinematically tinged vocal samples into a combination that defies the laws of simple categorisation. Yet for all of its mind-capturing, genre-bending, ‘The Way Out’ features a shortage of songs you’ll want to go back too time and time again.

By Nathan Westley

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